Friday, October 10, 2008

Have You Looked in the Mirror Lately?

It is important to look in the mirror and really see yourself. I don't mean the cursory I'm washing my face or brushing my teeth kind of looking--mostly at the face. I mean really look at your body.

Why? It is critical to have your brain recognize the changes your body is going through. Especially if you have been larger than you want for a long time. Otherwise, your brain will continue to believe that you are that larger person.

So as you are changing size, take it in. Notice the changes and appreciate them. Say loving things about your body and the changes it is going through.
  • My butt is getting smaller--looking good!
  • Wow, there's a waist showing up, giving me nice curves
  • These "new" collarbones will really show off necklaces nicely.
  • I like how my cheekbones show off my eyes
You want to be able to recognize yourself when you reach your goal. I know from personal experience that if you drop weight really quickly and/or you don't give your brain the chance to "keep up" then you will not recognize yourself. I literally was dancing with a woman as we each tried to get out of the other's way--only to discover it was me in the mirror! That experience was a long time ago and my brain never did accept that I was that slender person, so I gained back all the weight and more.

This time, things are different. I look in the mirror and recognize and appreciate my body. It has gotten me through a lot! It deserves some love and respect and admiration for what it has done and is doing now!

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