Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nutrition not Calories

Nutrition is the key to successfully shedding those pounds of fat--not counting calories.

Calories are not all equal. So many people get caught up in counting calories that they ignore what those calories consist of.

I am a proponent of indulgences--it is so important to not feel deprived. So rather than having little 100 calorie this or that snack, I focus on being nutritionally sound and then really enjoying it when I have a splurge. I have found a couple of benefits--I splurge less because I don't have the cravings for the foods; I have broken the sugar and carb habit; when I do have a treat I typically share it with a friend because it is just too much for me alone--so I save money, too!

Even Dara Torres (41 year old woman who one 3 medals at the Beijing Olympics) is keen on nutrition. Here is a woman who can pretty much eat anything she wants because of the amount of exercise that she does, and probably her metabolism. So we're not in that league, but we can take some pointers from her.

She says she drinks a nutritional drink every morning--and before each race. This drink provides her with the nutrients and protein that she needs from a meal.

I don't know what product she uses, but I know what I have been using with great success. The Mars Venus Wellness Solution shake gives me all the nutrients including amino acids that I need in a meal and to optimize my brain chemistry.

Why is brain chemistry important? It is the brain chemistry imbalance that got me into trouble physically. For some people the imbalance leads to drug addiction or alcohol abuse. My drug of choice was food--especially ice cream. I couldn't have ice cream in the house, it "called my name" so loudly that I would eat whatever was there, even when I didn't want it!!!

Thanks to Dr. John Gray's Mars Venus Wellness Solution I no longer have those cravings. I am finally in control of my eating and have what I call a "normal relationship" with food.

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