Friday, October 31, 2008

Plan to Emotional Challenges

Following up on yesterday's post about "Falling Off the Wagon" and facing emotional challenges when losing weight--

I recommend coming up with a plan of things to do when feeling emotionally challenged. When I feel stressed/angered/sad/happy (whatever your emotional trigger(s) is/are) I will ______ . Create a list of options for yourself. The list can include lots of options. I suggest some really quick items that you can use anywhere, and some longer/bigger choices.

For example you list could be something like this....
...I will:
count to ten before grabbing a food or drink item
drink a glass of water
take a walk around the block (or the building, to the mailbox, whatever)
scream into my pillow
take a 5 minute break from what I am doing
look at a picture of one of my favorite places
close my eyes and focus on my breathing for one minute
gently pinch myself
think of a laughing baby
pet my dog/cat
watch a short inspirational video on my computer or television (be sure to have one or two ready on your desktop if you want to use this option)
do 10 jumping jacks
stretch my body
repeat a positive affirmation (again, be sure to have some ready)
write or speak about 5 things/people I am grateful for---and be specific
splash water on my face
smell a rose (or other flower)
send a quick email to someone I care about letting them know I thought of them

These are a few things that come to MY mind...your list will be different, but feel free to borrow from my list!

By making one of these choices you are creating a "pattern interrupt". By interrupting your old patterns for 30 days you literally make new neural pathways in the brain and make new, healthier patterns!

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